This is ongoing, subject to frequent change. 

The Big Fella: Sabathia, Carsten Charles.

Giuliani Seats: The hyperbolic best of something. “Bryce Harper hit that ball 494 feet. That shot was Giuliani Seats.” Derived from the quality of former NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s seats at Yankee Stadium, just behind the on-deck circle.

Mothergrabbin (or, MMGA): Matt Mothergrabbin’ Adams, of the St. Louis Cardinals. A prodigious hitter of baseballs who scouts don’t like because he’s fat and doesn’t walk enough, even though he doesn’t walk because he his hit tool allows him to hit balls on the corners out of the park instead of working those pitches for walks. The most underrated and misunderstood baseball prospect in years.

Serious Baseball Team: A team that is truly working toward building a good organization centered on success and sustainability. There are fewer of these than you would think.

WAR: When I started this blog, I frequently, in a blog post, would write something like”…Trout was better than Cabrera in 2012, based on Wins Above Replacement (WAR), a stat which….” I’ve decided to say screw it, and not explain anymore. WAR is WAR unless it’s WARP which is the same thing. I’m going to in the future cite WAR the way I’d cite RBI and it will be understood that the reader knows what WAR is at least casually.

wOBA: Weighted On Base Average. Similar to WAR, one of those things that I frequently explained at least the acronym of in every early blog post that used it. Like WAR, screw it, I’m just going to say wOBA the way I’d say “home runs” or “caught stealing” and assume the reader gets it.

YOOOOOOK: Kevin Youkilis. The Greek God Of Walks.

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