Live! Your Live Winter Meeting Updates Live! (With Slight Delay)

Update: 12:08PM EST: The Royals have money for a #1 starter, and someone on the internet whose job security depends on clicks and traffic and stuff  just equated Anibal Sanchez to a #1 starter. Check back for more!

Josh Hamilton is still a free agent.

Anibal Sanchez is still a free agent.

The Red Sox gave 2.6-WAR money to a 31 year-old who has averaged about 2.6 WAR per year, but probably won’t if he doesn’t remain a catcher, where he gets a positional boost in his WAR.

Alex Rodriguez, who was old last we saw him in October, is still old.

It’s somehow possible to be underwhelmed by an offer for an almost 40-year old knuckleballer who has only been better than league average twice in his career.

The Rangers would rather trade Mike Olt or Derek Holland than Jurickson Profar or Elvis Andrus, proving their front office is the Marcel of MLB organizations: baseline smart.

The AJC gladly prints hundreds of words in a report telling Braves fans there is nothing to report, despite a headline saying they’re looking to get a LF that’s really just there to generate clicks and traffic and ad revenue.

So much happening! More developing!  Just hit refresh every 20 seconds or so….surely something will pop up….just don’t go away, you might miss something……did you hit refresh yet?

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