The Middle 54’s List Of Favorite Prospects: Introduction as Q&A

Q: Who the hell is “The Middle 54” and why do I care who his favorite prospects are?

A: I’m nobody. Not a scout, or tied to a baseball club. I didn’t play the game in college or at any time after high school.

Q: Ok, so why the hell do I care what you have to say?

A: You shouldn’t.

Q: So if I don’t care why the hell are you wasting valuable space on the internet with this?

A: Because I enjoy it.

Q: Yeah, well, I don’t like where you ranked guys.

A: That’s fine. Also, it’s not really a question.

Q: Hey, you’re writing this, I’m fictitious, so that’s on you.

A: Good point.

Q: You probably haven’t seen any of these players.

A: If they played in the low-A Midwest League at any point and they are on this list (with the exception of one) I have seen them with my own two eyes. That covers almost two out of every five of them.

Q: So what about the rest?

A: Another 30 percent or so I’ve seen multiple times on  That leaves like another 30 percent, roughly, that I’ve ranked based on what I’ve read, shitty YouTube videos, the Futures Game telecast, etc.

Q: So what makes you qualified to rank prospects?

A: Nothing qualifies me. I’m calling this a list of my ‘favorite’ prospects instead of a list of my ‘top’ prospects so the line is clear: these are prospects I like, not ones who are in any rank-and-file order you should consider gospel truth.

Q: Oh so this isn’t a list of who you think is best?

A: No, it is totally that.

Q: So you just like semantics, huh?

A: Sure. I also like tacos. If you know a good taco place in Chicago please email themiddle54 at gmail dot com. Better yet, start a blog and rank your favorite tacos, so I can comment in the comments section about your taste in tacos.

Q: So you don’t mind if I post comments calling you dumb?

A: I don’t mind, but I won’t hit ‘approve’ on anything that’s not constructive. Also I told you at the top you shouldn’t care what I think. If you read something here that upsets you, you should go outside and get some sun. Maybe go to a minor league baseball game. They’re cheap, and it’s fun to watch teenagers and kids in their early 20s play like their lives depend on it (also Tate Donovan Donavan Tate.)

Q: Why are you writing it in September?

A: It includes players who will maintain prospect status entering 2013. Anyone in the minors at the end of August, 2012, who either came up as a September call-up, or finished the year in the minors, and who meets rookie requirements next year, is on the list. I didn’t want to do a mid-season list at the All-Star break that would be partially moot in six weeks as players were called up, and I didn’t want to wait until the winter to compile my list. I also wanted to wait to see who signed out of this year’s draft and include them. At bit over 10% of the list will be 2012 draftees, plus an international signing who would not have been on a list had I compiled it in late June/early July.

Q: So where’s this list?

A: It’s coming in bits and pieces. I might count up or count down. I haven’t decided yet. I might publish one a day for five days in groups of ten. I might publish one tonight then not publish another one for a month. We’ll see.

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