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Allen Craig or Matt Adams For Opening Day First Baseman?

Admission: I’m a big fan of Matt Adams. I’ve argued his virtues for a couple years. That might not be 100% checked at the door on this one.

The St. Louis Cardinals have one of the better ‘problems’ you can have. Matt Adams and Oscar Taveras have been awarded (and have certainly earned) back-to-back Texas League Player Of The Year honors.

The problem: both are blocked from the parent club’s roster on Opening Day 2013.

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Bartolo Colon Suspended For Drugs, Internet Comments Section Moron Says Something Moronic and Racist

A very brief article on CBS Sports’ website relaying the news that Bartolo Colon failed a drug test and has been suspended fifty games.

Then this gem of a comment from an anonymous jackass on the internet, calling himself, fittingly, “Mess”:

Colon signed a 1 year deal for 2 Million Dollars. He just about made it through the season. He was playing the odds of getting caught and getting the cash. The story that none of the writers are picking up on is the Dominican Republic players and juicing. Cabrera, Mota, Ramirez, Volquez and now Colon. They obviously know each other and likely have the same source. So much for investigative journalism in sports.

1. These guys are almost certainly not ‘juicing,’ but ‘creaming,’ using a testosterone-boosting cream to aid recovery.

2. That comment about Dominicans all banding together to cheat the game is inherently racist and uglier than cheating at baseball (if you consider testosterone creams ‘cheating.’ I don’t.) This kind of comment is exactly the same as those made by morons who forward you emails about President Obama being anti-American because in a picture he’s not holding his hand over his heart like the other people in the picture. Those morons, because they are deep-seated racists, want, despite evidence, to believe the President is a terrorist/foreigner/muslim. He’s not. Factually. This moron, despite there being no evidence to prove it, wants to believe Dominican players are part of a Dominican cadre of cheaters.

I wonder if “Mess” thinks that there was a white guy alliance among Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Ken Caminiti, and every other white player suspected of or admitted to have been taking PEDs. Probably not. Because that wouldn’t fit his agenda, which is saying barely-veiled racist shit anonymously over the internet.

Steroids In Baseball: Ugh

Victor Conte, the founder of BALCO, who has spent some time with steroids in baseball, and in jail as a result, chimed in this week, in the wake of the Melky Cabrera PED suspension. Conte claims half of the players in MLB are using some kind of performance enhancing drug. Conte said after Ryan Braun was revealed to have tested positive that he believed Braun was using a testosterone-boosting substance. Something a player can use after a game to speed the recovery process, and that is virtually absent from a player’s system by the time he gets to the park the next day.

Here’s my question: why is a baseball player using a substance like that considered a bad thing?

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How Awesome Was Joe DiMaggio?

This freaking awesome:



The One (And Thus Many) Virtue(s) Of Pythagorean W-L

Bill James invented Pythagorean Expectation and it is brilliant. It’s brilliant because it acknowledges the randomness of baseball events and considers the run to be of utmost importance, regardless of if that run is one scored or allowed by a team, and regardless of if it happened at home or away, in a close game or a blowout. That’s what is brilliant about Pythagorean Expectation and why it doesn’t need to be meddled with: a run is a run is a run.

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Is Cole Hamels An Ace?

Cole Hamels was inked to a contract extension by the Philadelphia Phillies. Six years, $144 million guaranteed, with a vesting option for a seventh year. It’s the second biggest contract given to a pitcher in history, behind CC Sabathia’s deal with the Yankees. The Hamels contract prompted Dave Cameron to write for FanGraphs (admittedly kind of a long time ago for me to be blogging about it now) a piece entitled “Cole Hamels Is An Ace And Got Paid Like One.” That’s a pretty straightforward statement, though the reader is encouraged to click the link and read Mr. Cameron’s piece to get the big picture of his position before proceeding.

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