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What Does This Graphic From The Minnesota Twins Broadcast Mean?

What does that tell us about those five hitters, or, particular to viewers in the Twin Cities, Joe Mauer?

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Aubrey Huff As A Paradigm For What Is Going On In Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy’s Minds

Here’s Aubrey Huff.

What do we know about this player, given some truths we know about statistical analysis?

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The Baltimore Orioles Are Better Than I Thought, But….

If you told me in March that the Red Sox would be bringing up the rear in the AL East, the Yankees would be having a Weight-Watchers-esque struggle with .500, and that Baltimore would be leading the division on Memorial Day Saturday, I’d have thought “Well, anything can happen in the first couple months…except that.”

I’m not surprised that the Yankees and Red Sox are doing poorly. They’re old and getting older. Neither made any significant improvements in the off-season. In fact, quite the opposite. The Yankees dealt away a future middle-of-the-order bat in Jesus Montero for a young pitcher with a year of success under his belt. That might sound like a win trade for New York, but the truth is good young pitchers are commonplace and players who project as middle-of-the-order bats are not. Seattle could trade Pineda because of such an abundance in their system–Taijuan Walker, Danny Hultzen, James Paxton.

The Red Sox, after last year’s chicken grease meltdown spent the offseason adding guys like Cody Ross and Mike Aviles. Fine if you’re the Pirates and are just fielding a team now until you’re ready to win in a couple years, but not so much if you’re dealing with the kind of entitlement-ridden fans who feel that the postseason is their birthright despite only one division title since the first Clinton term. This is a team that has stuck itself with Fan Favorites and too many expensive veterans, to the point where they now have to manipulate the lineup to give their second-best hitter (Will Middlebrooks) at bats.

I am surprised that the Orioles are in first, though. Very surprised. In the first iteration of this blog (RIP) I wrote a bit called “The Most Hated Team In Sports.” I argued then, as I’d argue today, that the amount of ire and bile people have for the Yankees should be directed at the Baltimore Orioles. If there’s a franchise in baseball worth people universally despising, my vote is for the Orioles.

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Archie Bradley 5/25/12 v Fort Wayne Tin Caps

I was excited to see Archie Bradley. Tough not to, with all the hyperbole that’s been tossed around since Bradley started opening eyes in instructs late last season.

Bradley’s stat line on the night was pedestrian, at 5IP, 4H, 3R, 3ER, 3BB, 3K. There’s a little bit telling in the line. Bradley was tough to hit for the Fort Wayne lineup. Half of the four hits were luck-job bloopers that fell in the right spots and are outs if they land a foot or two in almost any direction from where they did, and only a couple Fort Wayne hitters barreled up a Bradley offering. Most of the night Bradley was working low in the strike zone. Some general observations.

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Fox Sports Midwest Is Weightist

Bad timing on the graphic, fellas.

You don’t run neck-tattoo-removal ads when Molina is coming up. Or the trailer for “Anger Management” when Carpenter is on the hill.


My Ottoneu Team Stinks…..For Now

This is the first year of this $100 buy-in keeper league on Ottoneu. I’m in last. The guy who’s next-to-last? That team’s owner didn’t show up to the draft and a new guy took the team over after the season started.  My team is that bad. For now. I drafted it knowing I was punting this year but trying to dominate 2013 on. It’s fun checking in on all the minor leaguers, but tough watching Hosmer and Moore struggle mightily, while Montero and Lawrie are kind of flat. They were my four big splurges, auction-money-wise.

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Free Anthony Rizzo?

Plug “Anthony Rizzo” in the search bar of Twitter today and you’re likely to get a lot of opinion. Doesn’t hurt that Rizzo hit his 15th home run today, had 20 total bases, and upped his obscene triple-A slash line to 352/418/697. It also doesn’t hurt that his parent club, the Chicago Cubs, are a big-market team with the longest-suffering fanbase in American professional sports and a borderline awful team this year that needs every bit of help it can get. Seemingly, more Chicagoans are awaiting the first coming of Rizzo than the second coming of a much more famous guy.

Cubs fans in a hurry should pause and take some solace in the process, to borrow a term from the defunct Rays-centric blog called, erm, The Process Report. What’s ahead looks good. The Cubs have some talented young players in the minor leagues and have more money coming off the books this off-season and freed up for free agent spending than all of their division rivals can afford to spend in total payroll. The future is bright, and not just because of the available money, but who is spending it. There’s no rush for Anthony Rizzo.

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Matt Adams

I’m pleased as punch to see Matt Adams called up by the St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve been following Adams for a few years, since I first saw him play as a member of St. Louis’ single-A Quad Cities club.

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