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The Most Impressive Numbers in Phillip Humber’s Perfect Game: 96 and 9

Phillip Humber threw a perfect game yesterday. He joins a crop of pitchers both notable and not. Humber’s outing yesterday, taken in a vacuum and without regard for what happened before and what happens later in his career, is one of the better ones.

A perfect game is not merely a pitching accomplishment. It’s a defensive one as well. As impressive as any single pitch or sequence of pitches thrown in Mark Buehrle’s perfect game is the play made by Dwayne Wise to preserve it. Sometimes the quantity of defensive input is as important in a perfect game as any single play.

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A Different Take On The “Worst Number-One Pick Ever” Hyperbole

Bradley Ankrom wrote a piece for Baseball Prospectus on Wednesday called “Was Brien Taylor The Worst Number-One Pick Ever?” Heck of a tough question, for a myriad of reasons. Ankrom uses Prospectus’ WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player) to determine the strength of each draft class’ first round of talent. Then he takes the player who did not make the major leagues who came from the draft that had the highest WARP per selection on average. The methodology–out-of-character for BP–is a bit messy.

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